Hi, I am Ane

I am 27 years old and I come from the Basque Country (Spain). I started living in Delft (The Netherlands) when I began the Master's Degree 'Design for Interaction' at the TU Delft, in February 2019. Before that, I studied a Bachelor's Degree 'Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development' in the Mondragon Faculty of Engineering, in Mondragon (Spain). 
I am fluent in English; starting at the age of 8 I followed classes at a language school and have lived with families in the UK and the USA. I have always been drawn to international cultures and knew that I wanted to develop part of my education and professional life in an international context. 
Coming to study in The Netherlands, I have learned another approach to design, I have grown to be more independent and to manage my own work and life in a more structured manner, I've met and learned from other people... I also speak Dutch, and have been working on a fully dutch environment for the past year and a half. I want to keep improving my language skills to fully immerse myself in Dutch culture and be able to interact with natives. 


In the past year, thanks to the experiences brought to me through my Master's studies, I've developed as a person and as a professional. Even though I come from a technical and product focused background, I have grown more and more interested in user- and society-centered design. At the moment, I am highly motivated to learn more about Social Design, Behavioural Change and Sustainability.As a designer, I aim to be someone who puts people's needs and concerns first. I want to use my designer skills to find a better solution to the big problems our society faces; global warming, racism, gender inequality, elderly care, consumerism... But also the ones in a smaller scale. I want to work together with the users, with the people, because they're the experts of their own lives. This is something I've learned as part of my education and the projects I've worked on. Giving them power to express themselves and envision the future how they'd like it to be, is the only way to create services/systems that meet their needs and answer to real problems. 

Let's work together and face some challenges!


As a person, I'm cheerful and always ready to help the people around me. I love travelling, and never leave my camera behind when I do so. I am also enthusiastic about all kinds of DIY projects, I enjoy building and making things with my own hands: making a plant stand, knitting, building models... In my free time, I also illustrate using my digital tablet and enjoy everything involving graphic design. I am passionate about my plants, taking care of them and seeing them grow.I like staying active by exercising every week. Dancing and singing to the music I love also make me feel joy.


I also try to take part in workshops or cases related to design, or take up online courses to learn new skills like video editing, animating... 
I've also been a member of the GreenTU committee, from my university, where we tried to encourage people to live a more sustainable life by organising events, activities and lectures. I am trying to be more sustainably conscious myself too, by changing small things in my everyday life and paying more attention to the things I consume.

Language competence



C1/Professional competence



C1 level 







Technical competences

Online Collaboration

● Miro


● Adobe Illustrator ● Adobe Photoshop● Adobe InDesign


● iMovie● Adobe Premiere Pro● Adobe After Effects

2D/3D Modelling

● Rhinoceros  ● SolidWorks● Siemens NX● AutoCAD



● KeyShot● VRay


  • 2019/2021

    Master's Degree

    I have just graduated from the Design for Interaction Master at the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty at the Technical University of Delft. You can read about my graduation project here

  • 2014/2018

    Bachelor's Degree

    4 year Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering at the University of Mondragon (Spain)

  • 2017/2018

    Erasmus Exchange semester

    During the 3rd year of my BSc, I studied in the Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Innovation Sciences faculty


  • 2022/now | Social Designer at Garage2020

    I've recently started to work on a project in collaboration with Garage2020 in a volunteer basis. I was looking for opportunities that allowed me to start working on the social design field and improve my skills and dutch language abilities in the practice, and I was given this great chance. We're gonna be working on the area of Amsterdam ZuidOost with the goal of improving equity of opportunities for the people who live there, mostly immigrants. We will mainly be focusing on youngsters up to the age of 6, and the starting point will be the language delay many kids who live in this area suffer.

  • 2022/2023 | ENERGE project at the TU Delft

  • 2022/2022 | Graphic Designer: Talent100 program

    I'm working on the graphic material for the Talent100 program by Expat Spouses Initiative and Huis Naar Werk. This program aims to help internationals who have been out of work for more than two years re-enter the workforce. My task for this project is to design all communication material, visual communication, to promote the project and also to provide information to the participants. Apart from designing the graphic elements, I will also use my designer skills to find the best way to communicate and present information to the audience.

  • 2021/2022 | Empowering professionals to talk about sexual abuse

    Together with Stijn Schenk from Real Comics and MeToo Coach Legien Warsosemito-Schenk I am working on a project to empower health professionals to start a conversation about sexual abuse. This intends to take some responsibility about starting this conversation from the victim/survivor, and offer a listening ear. It's about creating a safe and trusting space where victims feel ready to share their experiences so that they can start the healing process. After evaluating concepts with stakeholders, our goal is to design an intervention that can be widely used and adopted, to have a real meaningful impact. See my project page for more detailed information, the Samen Helen LinkedIn page and the 'Wegwijzer seksueel geweld' we have created to navigate survivors and people in their environment through all the content available around sexual abuse, and opening up about it.

  • 2020/2021 | Internship at WEP Circular

    WEP Circular is an international company with the aim of closing the plastic chain by developing solutions of plastic waste materials into products to avoid the pollution of our natural environment and create renewable circular value chains with partners.By working in collaboration and in co-creation with partners in the whole value chain they create circular plastic chains with the goal firstly to avoid waste and then to develop re-use solutions. 
    The assignment for the internship is to participate in different projects in various development stages (early stage, production…) and have a circular product/concept project from idea phase with a partner. As well as to bring in the design mindset and user perspective into the design process, by including the potential users and take their insights into account as much as possible during the solution development, aiming to create products that will be (more) successful in the market.

  • 2021 | Student Assistant: Prototyping for Interaction & Participation

    Student assistant for the Prototyping for Interaction and Participation course. The position consisted of creating Miro boards for the course sessions, and group collaboration, as well as general planning support and assistance with the course sessions.

  • 2020/2021 | Student Assistant: FoodSampler

    Student assistant for the FoodSampler project. My tasks involve creating material to showcase the results and outcome of a two year project; designing visual material, a website that works as a repository to be used by multiple stakeholders...

  • 2020 | Student Assistant: Repository

    Student assistant for the assignment to create an internal online repository for a research group at the IDE faculty. My tasks involve designing and creating the repository, being in contact with multiple people to structure the content of it, and keeping an overview.

  • 2020 | Student Assistant: Project explorer

    Student assistant for the 'Project Explorer' assignment. Assisting TU Delft with the organisation and creation of an internal database of projects developed by students in collaboration with a partner company

  • 2020 | Student Assistant: Interaction & Prototyping

    Student assistant for the 'Interaction and prototyping' BSc course at the TU Delft. I assisted the staff at Axure RP workshops and the students with their projects, and helped the coordinator with course organization and preparatory documents for lectures and workshops. Apart from learning a new prototyping program, I learned how to manage working next to studying. The job stopped due to the Corona crisis. 

  • 2020/2021 | GreenTU Committee

    I have been a member of the GreenTU Committee since January 2020. We are dedicated to creating events and activities that promote a more sustainable lifestyle among students and staff members. Being part of a committee, with other students with the same interests as me for sustainability, has been really inspiring. In May, for example, we held a Zero Waste Challenge to which people from Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam participated, by completing daily challenges and quizzes on how to reduce waste from daily life. 

  • 2018 | BSc Thesis in collaboration with company

    BioEkiN Project. In relation to the UGGASA Commonwealth. With the aim of detecting business opportunities in the biomedical sector, creating products or services aimed at facilitating the day-to-day life of dependent people and their caregivers.

  • 2016/2017 | Manufacturing process control assistant (SAP)

    A 6 months part-time position as a manufacturing control assistant (SAP), in Copreci (Aretxabaleta, Spain). With this job, I learned to value hard work, and to work as a part of a bigger team. I loved working together with experts from the sector and being a part of the team, and helping out the company while switching to a new operating system. 

  • 2014/2017 | Voluntary work: support lessons to immigrants

    Throughout the first three years of my BSc, I volunteered as a tutor for immigrant kids at a shelter. This was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve been a part of. Seeing what the kids went through to get there and how they were enthusiastic to go to school was very impressive and inspiring. I also got to see how one kid learned Spanish, maths, technical drawing, English…; how he passed all his courses and got a job, which he still has. 

Skills & Capabilities

A collection of the skills that define who and how I am as a designer



I always aim to work closely with the user, and together with them identify issues and find solutions to the problems.



I'm an enthusiastic and cheerful person and worker. I am hard working and like to dedicate to work, but I also like work to be fun and enjoyable.


Team work experience

Always ready to help my teammates when they need it


Leadership positions

Comfortable with leadership positions and good at taking initiative


Goal driven

Structured and organized


Aim high

I always aim high, and I am optimistic about the outcomes. This makes me push myself harder in the projects, aiming to always achieve a bit more.


Quick learner

Quick at grasping new methods and working with new tools


Good at problem solving

High capacity of visualising multiple solutions to a problem


Idea visualisation

Good at idea mapping


Critical thinking

Critically evaluate and reflect on my own work, aiming for the best outcome


Hard working

Hard working and demanding towards myself and those I work with


Fuzzy front end

Good at dealing with the fuzzy front end of the design process, where there's a lot of uncertainty. Skilled at ideating based on varied insights.


A collection of pictures of me in action during various projects


Holding a brainstorming session


Doing user research on location


User testing in context (IKEA Delft)


Holding an online co-creation session using Miro


Brainstorming (SCRUM)


Prototype building


Interviewing users


Leading a group co-creation session


Giving presentations (Master defence)

Cases, Workshops & Courses

A collection of the design cases, workshops and courses I've taken part in


Sketchnoting 101February 2022

An online course by Scriberia on the basics of visual note-taking to communicate complex ideas into simple, engaging stories


Service Blueprint February 2022

A webinar by Essense on Service Blueprints, an introduction on when/why to use it as well as a quick walkthrough on how to use it, based on a basic template of a Service Blueprint


Behavioural Design September 2021

A masterclass about behavioural design given by BBVA. A webinar with practical examples and tips on how to apply behavioural design on our projects.


Design Beyond Generations October 2020

Six pioneers in design tell us about their current practices and take us on a journey beyond generations. With the topics of data design, AI, social responsibility and sustainable behaviour can provide. Which design decisions of today shape the world of tomorrow?


Visual Thinking October 2020

A Masterclass organised by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and given by Flatland Academy. A two hour long class teaching us how to think visually and use some easy tips to improve at it. 


Day of SustainabilityOctober 2020

Organised by GreenTU, together with other student associations, the Day of Sustainability included talks and workshops focused around the Doughnut Economy topic. 


Essense Case DaySeptember 2020

A Case Day with Essense, Garage2020 and Sterk Huis, solving challenge involving foster care. A great opportunity to learn about the topic and get valuable insights from the foster care experts and the designers from Essense and Garage2020.


Koos Learn & LunchMay 2020

A lunch lecture by Koos, on 'Design for public entities/governments'. Very interesting lecture that gave me first hand insights on how companies and agencies tackle society related challenges.


Gagarin CaseMarch 2020

A Case Day at the Gagarin headquarters in Reykjavik, as part of the SpringTrip to Iceland. In 6 hours, we had to ideate and conceptualise ideas for a VR installation that would work on interior and exterior contexts. 


BrandLoyalty CaseJune 2019

A Case Day at BrandLoyalty, in 's Hertogenbosch. The challenge was to redesign their StorePal app, an application used by retail staff to keep track of the advertising campaigns in store. 


Middeland CaseSeptember 2019

.A day at Middeland, where we learned about the collaborative and cooperative nature of the neighbourhood and were challenged to reimagine some of the ongoing projects; such as, collecting and reusing rain water for new purposes.


KLM CaseJune 2019

KLM challenged us to redesign the future of flying in a one-day Case. My team and I focused on improving on-flight service by easing the staff's work and making customers feel more guided and cared for.

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