Hello, I'm Ane! 

I am 27 years old and I come from the Basque Country (Spain). Currently, I live in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). In July 2021 I graduated from the Master's Degree in Design for Interaction at the TU Delft!! :) My thesis aimed to educate and empower teenagers on their interactions with sexualisation on social media. Check it out here!Since I was little, I knew that I would develop part of my education and professional life in an international context, and I am now doing so. Here, I have learned another approach to design, I have grown to be more independent and to manage my own work and life in a more structured manner, I've met and learned from other people... I also speak Dutch, and I keep learning by following courses and using it in my everyday life.
As a designer, I dream about changing how people live and how societies are structured for the better. I want to be close to the people, understand how they live and what issues current societies have, and I want to use my designer skills to bring together the involved stakeholders and make a change. 
In my free time I like to illustrate, take care of my plants, bake and watch series. I also love travelling, and never forget to take my camera with me. Taking pictures is one of my passions. I also don't miss the opportunity to get involved in DYI projects, I really enjoy making things with my hands. 


A collection of the most recent and relevant projects I've worked on



Multiple projects | Currently

This page features the projects I have worked on as a designer at Garage2020 (in Dutch)



Collaborative Project | 10/21-2/22

A project aiming to empower health professionals to confidently and openly talk about sexual abuse, to help survivors open up and start their healing process



Individual Project | 2/21-7/21

Master End Project, aiming to educate and empower teenagers in their interactions with sexualisation on social media



Individual Project | 9/19-1/20

Interaction design aiming to reduce plastic bag usage at a supermarket


IKEA Self Scan Checkout

Group Project | 2/19-7/19

The redesigned IKEA self-scan checkout experience



Group Project | 9/16-1/17

Design of a glass bottle and its brand

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