Are you looking for a freelance designer to work together on a project? Do you need someone that understand users and brings in the user-centred perspective into your assignments? Do you have a broad societal challenge to tackle but you're not sure where to start?

Let's make an impact
Let's put people first
Let's make society better

I am always ready to take on new projects where I can work closely with people to understand how they live, their environment and uncover the real challenges of each context. I am driven by the premise of improving the way people live, interact and grow. I want to work together with people, and collaborate with different stakeholders to come to a solution that has a real impact, a solution that answers to real needs and that improves peoples' lives, and society, for the better!

Say hi!

No matter if you already have a worked out idea or not, drop me a message to share some ideas and brainstorm together! I'm always up for a (virtual) coffee :)


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