Goal of the project:

Design a glass bottle for a drink and create a brand for it

*Accésit in the 2nd edition of the MasterGlass competition, where there was a winner and 3 accésit

Phases & Tools


Focus of the project

    Trend analysis and creation
    User experience design through product creation, shape exploration and prototyping
    Creation of a brand and all it's elements

Design Process

Here I present the project’s stages, while highlighting the lessons learned in relation to each step.


The first phase of this project consisted of a research on the drink market, to identify opportunities and needs. Thereafter, the design brief could be defined. 

  • Trend & Market analysis

    ● Follow your gut, as long as it’s based on some evidence● Root for your teammate’s ideas if they feel strongly positive about something

  • User & Context definition

    ● Finding the right images for a moodboard is time costly but worth it; send across the right message

  • 96all

    Design Brief

     Be specific to ease the concept creation● Have regular team meetings: share progress and build on each other’s work

  • Illustration

    My primary activities in the design process

    ● Trend analysis & Moodboard creation 


The conceptualisation phase consisted of ideating and defining concepts, to tangibilize the opportunities defined before.

  • First sketches

    ● Using sketching as a brainstorming tool can bring great results

  • Concept definition

    ● Working on a quick 3D model helps visualise and identify lacks/ possible improvements

  • Illustration

    My primary activities in the design process

    ● 3D model and rendering


The final phase is where the final design was fully detailed and the entire brand was created. 

  • Brand creation

  • Label & Packaging design

  • Advertising campaign creation

    ● Make it fun● Working on something you enjoy guarantees better results

  • Stand building & Presentation

    ● Don’t underestimate the time needed for preparation

  • Illustration

    My primary activities in the design process

    ● Brand concept creation● Packaging design & rendering ● Product 3D model, rendering and poster design